Who is a volunteer?

The word “volunteer” comes from the Latin “voluntarius” – voluntary. In Russia and on https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/blogs, a volunteer referring to a person who voluntarily and gratuitously performs any work or engages in public activities. A volunteer puts his or her skills and time into the work he or she is doing.

Anyone can become a volunteer; their profession and outlook on the world do not matter. Juvenile volunteers need a parent’s permission, and children under 14 years old need to be accompanied by an official representative to volunteer. The exact definition of a volunteer and the possible purposes of volunteer work are spelled out in the Federal Law on Charitable Activity and Volunteering (Volunteering).

Volunteering can be either individual or group. For example, if you alone or together with a friend went out and cleaned garbage from the riverbank, you can be considered as environmental volunteers.

In any case, it should be remembered that volunteering is a serious tool of social, cultural, economic and environmental development of the country.