Popular volunteer options

The most popular volunteer activities on https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/blogs are:

  1. Protecting the environment: tracking poachers, improving areas of nature reserves, accounting for populations of rare animals.
  2. Assisting victims of natural and military disasters: psychological support, provision of food, cooking, restoration of damaged objects, search for missing people, medical assistance.
  3. Surveillance of natural disasters and man-made industries: early warning to the population if there is a danger.
  4. Development of education, innovation, science; popularization of sports and active leisure: labor in schools, kindergartens, colleges, universities, various profile clubs.
  5. Preservation of historical and cultural monuments: repair work related to the reconstruction of objects.
  6. Organization of mass events: sports, cultural, educational, religious.
  7. Creating opportunities for the disclosure of creative potential, including for people with physical disabilities: holding exhibitions, master classes, lectures.

    Senior Caucasian woman with gray hair is helping African American mid adult athletic man register to run in marathon or 5k race for charity. He is signing his name on clipboard. Diverse runners are waiting in line behind him to sign up for race. They are all wearing athletic clothing and race contestant numbers.

The main principles of social volunteering

Social volunteering is the participation in social projects on a voluntary basis. Examples of such projects are helping the homeless, the elderly, rehabilitation activities for people with disabilities. Principles and commandments of social volunteering:

  1. Social volunteering is a voluntary matter, no one has the right to force you to do what you do not want, what you did not sign up for and what you do not agree with.
  2. Don’t do for a person what they can do on their own without outside help, don’t live someone else’s life.
  3. Be free, remain yourself even when you help others.
  4. A volunteer must not only give a part of himself or herself, but also receive support, care, positive emotions and new experiences in return.
  5. A volunteer always has the right to say no.